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Abiir – Pedal power to protect the planet for our kids

Abiir riding bicycle down the street.

Easton mum of four, Abiir Shirdoon, wants to make the streets and the planet safe for the next generation – and has dusted off her bike to do her bit.

“We have been really reckless with our way of life, and if we don’t start acting now and start making changes in our everyday lives now - no matter how small - our beautiful planet is going to die, and that is what worries me as a mother,” she said.

What changes are you making to help fight climate change?

In the last couple of years Abiir has rediscovered a love for cycling, after not having cycled since she was a teenager.

“I’m doing my best to educate my children about climate change and get them to understand how important it is that we look after our planet.

“We walk, cycle or scoot everywhere we go, and in fact the kids are so used to active travelling they are not even planning to drive a car in the future.

“I try to do my bit by making sure we recycle and separate our waste, too.”

What problems do we need to fix?

“I find it extremely frustrating how the roads and pavements are claimed by cars and there is not much space for anyone else.

“Pavement parking and fly tipping can make it almost impossible to travel on foot as a mum with young children and a buggy on pavements in this area.

“I would love to see more people on foot and bikes reclaiming the roads and pavements and making space for people to travel actively and safely.

“Making the street safe for children, elderly and disabled people would encourage more people to try getting active when they travel, keep fit and help to make our planet safe all at the same time.”